On-Page SEO Essentials for Local Businesses

In this article, I am going to give you some beneficial and ethical tips on how to optimise your business website through on-page SEO. What I am going to share, may potentially boost your rankings multiple pages upwards on Google for your targeted keywords.


This may seem extremely obvious, but this aspect is readily misused when it comes to on-page search engine optimisation. Depending on your niche, I recommend selecting a handful (5-10) of the most popular keywords that potential customers/clients would think to search when looking for your service or product. Once you have a clearly defined set, it’s much easier to build from this foundation and will subsequently result in less confusion down the track.

Page/Post Title:

If you have an SEO plug-in, it’s simplistic to change how your post/page titles appear in the search results. This is a critical element for on-page SEO. I would select 2 of your most competitive keywords and find a subtle way to integrate them into your title. To find your most competitive keywords, create a Google Adwords account and determine which words are receiving the highest volume of searches per month.

Here is an example:

Let’s say you have a plumbing business in Adelaide (Australian city) and your most competitive keywords are “Adelaide plumbing” and “Plumbing Adelaide”. A subtle way to embed these keywords into your landing page could be any of the following:

  • “Adelaide Plumbing- The Superior Plumbing Adelaide Company”
  • “Plumbing Adelaide | For all your Adelaide Plumbing Services”

These are 2 basic examples, and in both instances, you will gain credibility for “Adelaide plumbing” and “Plumbing Adelaide”. Be creative with it. With respect to on-page SEO, your page/post title holds the most power; period. I have experienced pages jump from page 7 to 3 in the rankings by a simple tweak in a page title. This movement can be instantaneous also if you have Google Webmaster Tools enabled. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with your title. There’s a preconceived idea that a change in the title could negatively alter your rankings permanently. Simply change back to your original title and it will return to the previous approximate position in the rankings. Don’t underestimate the power your title holds in SEO.

By having your most competitive keywords present in your title, it will also transfer power to longer-tail keywords such as “Adelaide plumbing services” or “Adelaide plumbing experts” etc…


This can be detrimental for your on-page SEO and ultimately your rankings. By repeating your keywords over and over again throughout your text will not be ideal for your page optimisation. If you already have your most competitive keywords in your title, there is no need to clutter your text with them also. In Google’s eyes, this isn’t what a natural page would do and your page may consequently be penalized for over-optimization. I would recommend sprinkling your keywords throughout your text but in different forms. Using the plumbing example again, if your main keywords are “Adelaide plumbing” and “Plumbing Adelaide”, use them in different forms like: “Plumbing Adelaide Company” or “Adelaide Plumbing school” etc… Again don’t go overboard with this, but utilize it in moderation.


By having anchor text linking to other inner pages, it creates a more user-friendly experience for your viewer as they can easily navigate throughout your site. Utilising interlinking on your pages can dramatically increase the chances of the user remaining on your site for a longer period of time. In Google’s eyes, if someone is spending an extensive amount of time on your page, it implies your content is engaging and relevant to the particular search term. Conversely, if somebody lands on your page and immediately leaves it signals Google that your page wasn’t the answer to the user’s query; especially if they leave your page and move onto your competitors. Combining interlinking and engaging content can have an appreciable effect on the average session time a user spends on your page and ultimately your rankings.

I trust you have found this article beneficial and the techniques easy to implement. If you still think SEO is too challenging, why not contact an Adelaide SEO consultant to minimise your difficulty.